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Pro-Builder® GM 2.8L Stroker Engine
Available in 3.1L and 3.4L Displacements
With Motor Mounts & Starter Location Correct for Your Vehicle
E-mail with questions or for ordering info

You may have seen our 2.8L to 3.1L GM Stroker Conversion Engine Kit off of our website, on eBay, or on Yahoo!, and now we would like to present you with our 2.8L to 3.4L Short Block Stroker Engine (also available in 3.1L Displacment)!

A.R.I.’s Pro-Builder® 2.8L to 3.4L GM Stroker is a great upgrade for GM 2.8L-powered vehicles, especially if you have considered purchasing another stock 2.8L for your vehicle and have thought, "A little MORE POWER & TORQUE from this engine would be Great!"  Well, here you have it...

Applicable Vehicles:

  • Any GM Vehicle that originally came with a 2.8L Engine.
  • Includes Pontiac Fieros, Chevy or GMC S10, S15 Pickup Trucks, RWD or 4WD Blazer & Jimmy, Chevy or GM Passenger Vehicles, Jeeps that have GM's 2.8L engine, FWD Vehicles (Cavalier, Beretta, etc.).

Performance Benefits:

  • Improves torque and horsepower.
  • Requires no modification to engine bay or motor mounts (because they will match up the same as the type of 2.8L block that is in your vehicle now.)
  • You get the SAME DISPLACEMENT as a 3.1L or 3.4L Engine, while maintaining the SAME SIZE AND WEIGHT as a 2.8L engine!
  • You can use your stock 2.8 heads, fuel delivery system, etc. and Everything Works Great!
  • Cost is not much more than rebuilding a stock 2.8, so Why Not?
  • Various Performance Camshafts and other Accessories are available to give you even More Torque and Horsepower.  E-mail for more information!

Answers to Common Questions:

  • What is the increase in horsepower and torque?  It is a noticeable increase in power over the stock 2.8L engine.  Various combinations will (of course) produce different gains.   With the right camshaft and fuel delivery system, we have had customers get 185+ HP out of one of these engine (which, like mentioned above, is noticeable over the 115-140 HP of a stock 2.8L engine for just a little more cost). 
  • What are my cam options?  Please see the camshaft options via the link at the top of the page.
  • Can this Engine be used with N.O.S. to power my Drag Car?  This is up to you, but it removes the warranty:)
  • Are other Performance Parts Available?  Yes, Including Cam Kits, Heads, Gaskets, Roller Rocker Arms, etc.  We have quite a bit for these engines.  Visit our pricing page to get prices and ordering info.
  • What does this kit do to fuel mileage and driveability?  Our customers tell us that the engines run great, are reliable, and that their fuel mileage is very close, if any different at all, to their engine before installing this engine kit.

Another Power Increase from A.R.I.


Here is the shortblock version:
(A Longblock Version is Also Available)

GM V6 2.8 -to- 3.4 Short Block Engine

2.8 - to - 3.4 GM V6 Short Block Engine

  • Thermally Cleaned and Steel-a-brated Block
  • Pro-Builder® Crankshaft
  • Pro-Builder® Connecting Rods
  • Pro-Builder® Pistons
  • Hastings® Rings
  • AE Clevite® Cam Bearings
  • AE Clevite® Rod Bearings
  • AE Clevite® Main Bearings
  • Brass Freeze Plugs

We do not sell the 3.4L engine as a kit.  The 2.8-3.1L Stroker is available as a kit.   We do all necessary machine work to the block, crankshaft, and connecting rods prior to assembly in our own In-House Machine shop in Missouri.  Then, each engine is assembled by one of our qualified Engine Assembly Crew.  All this leads up to an engine you can trust and get a noticeable power increase out of over the stock 2.8L engine.

Other Important Information:

You MUST use a Neutrally balanced flywheel with this stroker engine!  Some vehicles have this from the factory, others do not.  Please contact ARI for more information.

We Accept Payment through Money Order, Cashier's Check, Visa, MasterCard, Personal Check (with 10 day wait to clear) or PAYPAL on this Item.

I accept payment through's PayPal!

E-mail with any questions you may have prior to bidding.   Buyer pays shipping costs for this item.  A shortblock is somewhat heave, so plan accordingly! 

If you are in the KCMO Area, you can pick it up from our Machine Shop or  we will ship it by Truck.  Shipping is through Consolidated Freightways and is usually between $145.00-$175.00 for a Shortblock and $225.00-$275.00 for a longblock.

As of March 1st, 2004, there is no longer a core charge on the shortblocks.  There is a core charge for the cylinder heads of $75.00 per head and $125.00 for a standard flywheel if you do not return good cores.

Get More for your Time & Money!!!

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