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Thank you for your interest in A.R.I.'s
Stroker Combinations for the 2.8L GM Engine!

We have had Great Response from our customers who have bought these kits and engines!  The purpose of this page is to give you more information about them and address the answers to common questions.  Please read through this page and the information pages below before e-mailing us because most questions we receive are answered here or on the information pages on the parts, kits, or engine you are intersted in.  Of course, if you do have a question that is not answered here, you may always e-mail and we will be happy to answer you!  Thank you!

ARI's 2.8 Stroker Engines
Great for Pontiac Fieros, Chevy & GM Pickup Trucks (S10's, S15's), and ANY other Vehicle that Originally Came with a 2.8L GM V6 Engine!


Answers to Common Questions:

  • Shipping: It is usually between $145.00-175.00 to either coast for a shortblock and $245-275 for a longblock depending on how close you are located to one of our shipper's terminal stations.  Cost of shipping for a 2.8 kit or a 2.8-3.1 kit is $30-$60 depending on your location.

  • Is the 2.8-3.4 available as a kit?   No, it is not.  There are modifications that must be done to the internals to make this work.  We spend quite a bit of time with the R&D of these engines to make them reliable and give more power than a stock 2.8L.  Each block is sonic-tested prior to assembly to ensure that it has proper cylinder wall thickness for strength and cooling.  We are happy with the results and think they are offered at a reasonable price.

  • Warranty:  90 Days parts-only for a shortblock and 12 month/12,000 miles for a longblock.  Warranty covers normal daily driving, not racing applications or neglect from abuse.  Does not cover removal/installation or shipping charges.  Kits have a manufacturers-only parts warranty applicable prior to installation for most parts.

  • Do I need a Shortblock or a Longblock for my vehicle?  Basically, this question asks "what is the difference between a shortblock and a longblock?"  For our company, a shortblock refers to the assembled block, crankshaft, rods, pistons, rings, bearings, and freeze plugs.  A longblock  usually includes the shortblock plus camshaft and lifter kit, timing chain set, cylinder heads, gasket set, rocker arms, oil pump, and pushrods.   There are extras you can add such as new oil pan, flywheel, harmonic balancer, etc.   Each longblock is custom built based on what you need or want, your budget, and your performance goals.  So, it can be built with different parts than others and to varying stages depending on what you already have or plan to do yourself.  You can also purchase a completely stock engine or get one that is completely performance.   That is why we offer these engine in this manner.

  • Are there any external modifications that need to be done by [the customer]?  The only modification that MUST be done to these engines is with the flywheel.  The flywheel must be neutrally balanced for these engines to work properly.  Most 1988 and newer GM 60-degree V6's already have a neutrally balanced flywheel, it is the earlier flywheels that must be modified.  Your options with this depend on your transmission type.  Standard (manual shift) transmission flywheels can either be sent to A.R.I. to be modified, or we can send you an instruction sheet on how to have this done locally.  Automatic flywheels also need this modification done, however it is less expensive to purchase a new automatic flywheel than to modify your current flywheel.  Everything else bolts right up, but some people like to make further modifications with their fuel delivery system (i.e. bigger carb, aftermarket manifold, bigger fuel injectors, TBI, etc.). This is up to you depending on your cam choice and the level of performance you wish to attain. 

  • How do I order?  You can e-mail or call (816-765-4881 CST).  Most of these engines beyond the shortblock are custom built (which means they have parts in them other than stock that the customer chooses), because we know each person likes something a little different.  Even the shortblocks can vary by piston and ring type, machine work, etc.  What we generally do is get the following information from you and send you an itemized list through e-mail (or explain it over the phone) with the final cost for your approval prior to payment and engine building.  We accept credit cards, personal checks (held to clear), and cashier's checks for payment. Information needed: Vehicle Make, Year, & Model, Transmission type, Fuel Pump type, and what type of Fuel Delivery system (i.e. carburated, fuel-injected, etc.).

  • What is the build & shipping time from the time the engine is ordered?  Depending on work load, it can be from 1-3 weeks to build the engine + ship time.  If you have quite a bit of machine work done (i.e., performance heads, etc.) it can take a little longer.  We will let you know when you order.

  • What are your hours?  We are open Monday-Friday 8:00-4:30 CST.  Sometimes you can catch us on the weekend or after hours, but those are the times our Sales Staff is at the phone to answer your questions and take your orders.  

  • Answers to other common questions are on the information pages linked above.  Prices are on the general price sheet linked above and are subject to change at any time.  Please e-mail us at the following address if you have any questions or for ordering information.

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